Testimonials From Our Camp Parents

"Sending my son to Camp COLEY was the best thing I could have done. He loved it and his first question when I picked him up was “Can I come back next year?” He learned independence for the week, which helped him when he got home."

"From swimming, to hiking, to fishing to archery to crafts, there is ALWAYS something for your child to be involved in. Everyone is included. It's a great way for your kid(s) to explore and test their own limits. Camp friends make your best friends for life."

"Always a fun time for the campers to reconnect!"

"Camp Coley is a special place because of the history and all of the great people who are involved to make it special for the campers every year."

"Even though every year is different it is always the same. All your camp friends and leaders become your second family. It's one of the places that you can actually not be afraid to be yourself."

"My daughter had the best time at Camp COLEY! Even weeks later, she can't stop talking about camp. She made great friends and had so many experiences she enjoyed. From the camp songs, to the aquatics and free swim time, to archery, and crafts, she loved it all. She even told us with a lot of pride about cleaning the site, the latrines and the bathrooms! I love the way Camp Coley was an experience that fosters her love of the outdoors, her spirit of independence, and her sense of responsibility all in a very fun and safe environment."

"Very safe wholesome inclusive environment. Everybody feels valued and important. There are activities for every interest and lifelong friendships are formed every year."

"What an amazing sleep away camp. It really builds the kids character. They have so much fun. My daughter comes home and tells me of all the fun and adventure she had."

"This camp is fantastic, it builds leadership, confidence and independent thinking in your children all while having fun!!"

"Camp COLEY is not just a sleep away camp, it's a year long, all seasons family. Our daughter has made friends for a lifetime over the years. Everyone involved makes sure parents are included and communication is great. Amazing people, amazing camp!"

"Camp COLEY develops confidence in our kids... teaches team work... encourages collaboration, promotes fun and independence."