Camp COLEY Ceremonial

Friday's night program begins with our Ceremonial. This portion of the evening stems from the Camp Fire USA traditions and recognizes a group of outstanding CITs chosen by their peers and celebrates our week at camp.

As times have changed, so too must our Ceremonial. While the sentiment and values of our ceremonial campfire remain the same, our goal is to move our Ceremonial in a forward direction. This means that we must recognize our past actions and adjust to be culturally aware. One way we are making this change is through our attire. In lieu of the traditional gowns that were once associated with Camp Fire, we are moving towards a more inclusive and culturally appropriate attire. This new “dress code” gives more options and allows for versatility so that participants can feel more comfortable. These options include: a sash, vest, or stole- to be worn over a Camp COLEY t-shirt. You may also wear your uniform if you are associated with Scouts BSA, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, or other similar program.

The purpose of this “dress code” is to show your accomplishments over the years of attending Camp COLEY. Similarly to how Scouts display their merit Badges, these pieces allow you to display the various patches and awards that you earn over the years at Camp COLEY. Each person’s sash, vest, or stole is unique to them so you can make it how you like. We ask that you do not include fringe or beaded fringe on your chosen design in our effort to be culturally sensitive.

For those who have been involved in Camp Fire, we are not asking that you disassemble or alter your gown; rather, we ask that you take this opportunity to create Ceremonial attire that you will be able to use for Camp COLEY moving forward. This is not to detract from our past traditions or our Camp Fire roots, this is a new chapter going forward.

Campers from sixth grade and up are able to participate in this portion of the night. Below are some examples to give you ideas about making your own Ceremonial attire. When looking for examples to make your sash or vest, a good resource are the Scouts BSA and Girl Scouts uniforms. A stole is similar to a scarf; examples of college graduation attire can be a good visual resource. Participation in the Ceremonial itself is optional.