Getting Ready for Camp

Getting ready for camp is such an exciting time! What do I pack? How much do I need to bring? Should I bring an extra pair of shoes? Check out the Camper Packing List page for answers to all your questions!

Leaders, we have a special page of information for you! Check out the Leader Packing List page for lots of packing suggestions.

You know there is going to be great food at Camp COLEY! Take a look at this sample dining menu to see the great selections.

We love to sing songs at camp! Check out the Camp COLEY Song Book with all our favorite songs to brush up on the lyrics.

All campers in grade 6 or above are invited to participate in the ceremonial campfire. Participants are required to wear a gown or a vest. Here are some suggestions on how to make or purchase a gown/vest.

To make:

Purchase a pattern/fabric and make a gown/vest and customize it to your liking by adding beads and badges.

To purchase:

Buy a simple brown dress or vest and add beads and badges.

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