Testimonials From Our CITs

The CIT Program is one of the best programs we have at Camp COLEY. High school students are given the opportunity to work with kids of all ages during the week of camp. They are assigned an age group and do hands-on activities with the campers. All of our CITs motivate our campers all week. Their spirit and energy just make our week that much better. They really set great examples for our campers to follow.

This coming summer will be my third year involved with camp. It is an amazing experience and a great place to meet new friends. The people you meet and the things you learn help you all year round. That one week at camp is what I look forward to all summer. Every part of camp is something you should want to be a part of. They have become my second family and are so much fun to be with.

I have been going to camp for five years, but it feels like I've been involved in it all my life. I've met most of my friends there and all year we do nothing but discuss what outfits we're going to wear for the dance this year, who we can't wait to see again, what new activities we'll have this year, and who our new leader will be. I've also learned a lot about being responsible when I became a CIT last year. The lessons I've learned at camp will last me a lifetime!