Camp COLEY History

Camp COLEY is a week-long resident camp program that takes place at Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation, Camp Somers. Camp COLEY started through the Agape Camp Fire Program in Philadelphia, PA. A resident camp program was needed for the Agape Camp Fire Program, so the Camp Fire girls joined the Burlington County Boy Scouts at Camp Lenape in Medford Lakes from 1976 to 1988. When boys were included in Camp Fire, we included them in our camping program as well. From 1989 to 1990 resident camp was held at Pine Hill Scout Reservation in New Jersey. We started camping at Brookville Scout Reservation, now known as Joseph A. Citta Scout Reservation, in 1991. Our program had some changes in 2001, when the Agape Camp Fire Program dissolved in Philadelphia. Our camping program meant too much to so many people, that a group of volunteers decided to continue the camping program. We joined the Learning for Life group under the Boy Scouts of America in 2002 under the Jersey Shore Council. We continued our camping program and traditions, but we are now registered under Learning for Life. We expanded our camping program recruit boys and girls in third grade through high school. After 16 great years of camping at Joseph A. Citta Scout Reservation, it was time to move on to a new camp and new beginnings. Resident camp moved to its new location in the summer of 2007. Our new camping home is Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation, Camp Somers. Camp Somers is located in Stanhope, NJ. In 2009 our new name, Camp COLEY, was introduced. We look forward to many more wonderful years camping!

Volunteer Run Program
Our camping program is run solely by volunteers. The success of our camping program is because we have volunteers who dedicate their time to providing an experience of a lifetime for our youth. Our core staff of volunteers, work year round in setting up our camping program. Logistics with the Boy Scout staff are handled, camp applications are designed and mailed out, program planning takes place, C.I.T application process and training take place, and money is fundraised to help with the costs of the program.

During the week-long resident camp, adult volunteers are leaders who take responsibility for a group of campers for the week. These volunteers are the key to our success. They provide our campers with a wonderful camping experience while camping in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Who can be part of Camp COLEY?
We have three different groups of people who attend our group, campers, CITs, and leaders. Campers are boys and girls from third grade through going into ninth grade. We also have a group for high schoolers who are campers. CITs are boys and girls who have completed their first year of high school. They are assigned a group to walk around with during the day. During the day they help the leaders with the campers. CITs also help set up, run, and clean up the night time programs. Leaders are men and women who have been out of high school for at least one year. Leaders are assigned a site to be in charge of through out the week. Part of their responsibility as a leader is to help train our CITs for when they become leaders.

If you want to learn more about Camp COLEY please click around this website to read about our programs and see some testimonials for people who have been part of our camping family. If you have any questions please contact us for more information.