About the CIT Program

Celebrate the Outdoors with Laughter and Excitement for all Youth.

Mission Statement:
Camp is a unique, educational and recreational experience for girls and boys. Camp COLEY is a place where a group of girls or boys with mature leadership have an organized, outdoor experience in group living. Camp COLEY is a microcosm in which all elements of life are intensified by the total environment.

The Camp COLEY CIT program aims to help young adults realize their true potential through their own experiences. CITs are equipped with skills which will aide them on their road to adulthood. They participate in a variety of activities which grow scout skills, promote leadership and foster a sense of community

1. To foster leadership.
2. To tackle new challenges.
3. To be of service to others.
4. To develop scout skills and knowledge.
5. To promote a sense of community.
6. To encourage a good sense of self.